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Sports and Artificial Eyes


The answer is yes!  Some  sports  will be a challenge but are not impossible and others you will find you have gained a small advantage in.

Sports which include balls are the ones that will be the more challenging, as you will have to adjust to the new perception of distance. With practice this can be eventually overcome and you will be playing your favourite sport at your usual standard in no time at all.

Tennis and Squash can be a challenge as the ball moves very fast and this can pose problems for you initially, but again with practice and patience you will achieve your normal standard of playing.    There are known champions of squash that play with only one eye.

The Artificial eye needs a little more protection with water sports, in case of loss, especially if you are in the ocean.  It would be advisable to wear a pair of goggle in case the water dislodges the eye and then causes the loss of the artificial eye To find a prosthetic eye in the ocean would be a very difficult exercise to undertake.

Rubbing the eyes after leaving the water can also cause the eye to turn in the socket or fall out,  it is therefore important not to touch the eyelids after swimming in the ocean or the pool.

If you are Diving or Water Skiing it is advisable to remove the eye for safety's sake.

Your ocularist can always make you a spare prosthetic eye if required  especially when participating in sport related activities.

Monocular vision does have its advantages in sports of the target nature:-

  • Archery
  • Snooker
  • Pool
  • Shooting

In these activities you don't need to close one eye to focus on the target, helping you to concentrate more and feel a little more relaxed and focused on your purpose.

Running, golf, football, badminton can all be played without fear that   the eye prosthesis  might dislodge.

There is no sport you cannot do,  given the will and determination to succeed.  Your eyes   just need time to adapt to the visual changes and thereafter things should be fine.  If you feel you need help with these adjustments there are always people   available to help and support you.  Your ocularist will be able to give you names of support groups and/or government agencies in and around your area that can assist you.

As in all accidents where physical changes have occurred it is important not to let these changes become the excuse to opt out of normal life and begin a lonely isolated life because of fear and rejection.  You are still the same person that can achieve any goal if you put your  mind to it.

Here are some quotes from others with Artificial eyes:-

Never put yourself down, be who you want to be (SELVAN)

There is  no reason why you cannot be an active participant in LIFE.  No one is perfect in body mind or soul (ROBERT)

Everyone has burdens, what is important is how we carry them.  (STEPHEN)


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