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You have had an accident and damaged an eye and found out it has to be removed. The emotional reaction to this can be so overwhelming that you feel your world has come to an end. Your dreams and hopes seem now to be lost. Friends and relatives tell you it will be fine but all you can think about is how will your life ever be the same again?

It is hard to take the advice of your family or your friends at a time like this, as it is not happening to them and what do they know, but when the initial shock has subsided you will find that what they are telling you might be right. The first thing to do is make an appointment with an ocularist, who is an expert in making prosthetic/artificial eyes. They can allay any fears you may have about replacing your lost eye with an artificial eye. Talk to them, tell them all you are feeling, ask them what happens, how it is made, how long it will take to make you look normal again and how you will look after it.

A large part of adjusting and adapting to this new situation is being able to understand every part of the process of fitting the eye and also of being able to look after it correctly.

Talking to people who have been through the same experience is a good way of coming to terms with your new circumstance. Young children who lose an eye can often feel better if they see another child having their new eye fitted. For adults having friends and family around to give moral support helps tremendously, just the thought of having someone there to talk to or even hold your hand when you are feeling nervous about the procedure makes all the difference. No one likes to go through traumatic experiences alone.

If there is no one around you to offer support then the oculars can give you names of associations where you can meet others who have gone through the same experience and can provide the emotional encouragement you need.

Your self-esteem may weaken for a few weeks while the artificial eye is being made and fitted but once your eye is in place you will not notice the difference when you look in the mirror. You can forget all the worries about what people may say about your artificial eye, if they will make fun of you, will they laugh at you. They won't know which one is which; your eyes will be as beautiful as they were before the accident or disease which made you lose your eye.

Prosthetic eyes in this day and age look as natural and as beautiful as any normal sighted eye. You will have to have it looked at from time to time to see that everything is fine and it still fits as perfect as it should but in a few weeks and months you will find that your hopes and dreams do not have to change, you can do all you want to do, be all you want to be.
Your prosthetic eye needs care and maintenance, your normal eye needs a little more attention and protection but help and support are always available if and when you need it.

JUST ASK YOUR DOCTOR OR OCULARIST; they are always there to answer your questions or just to give you advice.


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